2021 Company board and revision committee election results


2021 Company board and revision committee election results

Dear colleagues,

thanks to your effort, the election has passed off without complications. 154 members have voted in total, which is 63.1 % of legitimate voters. Because participation exceeded 50 % of the total number of possible votes, the election is legitimate. The elected members of the new board and the revision committee have to provide materials necessary for registering in the associations register. Afterwards, there should be a meeting of both the new and the previous board, and the revision committee. The new board will elect a chairperson and two vice-chairpersons. This event can take place in approximately 3 weeks, after administrative processes. Then the previous board will step down.

I wish everyone calmer days ahead.
In the name of the election committee,
Ivo Bureš

154 members have voted, which makes up 63.1 % of the total number of possible voters

CWMA company board election results 2021 percent "yes" elected into the board
MUDr. Černohorská Júlia, Ph.D. 63.0% yes
MUDr. Diamantová Dominika, Ph.D. 67.5% yes
MUDr. Doležel Radek, Ph. D. 52.6% yes
MUDr. Fejfarová Vladimíra, Ph.D. 74.7% yes
MUDr. Hokynková Alica, Ph.D. 29.9% no
MUDr. Miroslav Koliba 40.9% no
MUDr. Kubok Richard 33.8% no
Mgr. Kulakovská Anna 31.8% no
MUDr. Mezera Vojtěch, Ph.D. 46.1% yes
prof. Dr. Pokorná Andrea, Ph.D. 83.1% yes
MUDr. Poláková Hana 31.8% no
MUDr. Ston Robert 43.5% yes
MUDr. Stryja Jan, Ph.D. 89.0% yes
Mgr. Šeflová Lenka 56.0% yes
Doc. MUDr. Veverková Lenka, Ph.D. 76.0% yes
prof. MUDr. Vokurka Samuel, Ph.D. 57.1% yes

revision committee

Mgr. Koutná Markéta, Ph.D. 91.6% yes
Krausová Marie, Ing. 72.7% yes
Bc. Pekárková Hana 76.6% yes


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