History of the CWMA

The idea of a society which would unite medical professionals of various specialisations emerged in 1999. Doctors and nurses engaging in wound management, especially that of chronic wounds, wanted to organise meetings where they could exchange experience and professional information on this topic. They knew that the issue of wound management must be considered from diverse standpoints in certain cases, and moreover that there are new procedures and materials emerging. The symposiums which have taken place and especially their increasing number of participants indicate the interest in the opportunities that organised communication – interdisciplinary and interprofessional – in this field presents. They are also a testament of the need to educate patients and lay carers, and to communicate with them. To serve these purposes, the Czech Wound Management Association was officially registered in the form of a civic association in September 2001.

Its goal is to contribute to a comprehensive solution of the problem of wound management and to improve the quality of care of patients with chronic wounds in inpatient, outpatient and home spheres. Another aim is to contribute to the creation of professional standards in care of patients with chronic defects. The Association’s activities include instruction and education of both medical workers and laypersons.

CWMA members are medical practitioners from various fields of occupation, nurses working in inpatient, outpatient and home care, and scientific workers. Lay carers are also welcome to join.

There were 7 events in the years 1999–2005, which were organised in Brno and in Prague. Every year since 2002, the association has organised a two-day nationwide congress with international participation on the topic of interdisciplinary collaboration in wound and skin defect management. These congresses take place in Pardubice. They include lectures and workshops on current topics and have hosted professionals from abroad, such as Peter Franks, Finn Gotrub, Marco Romanelli, Phil Bowler and others. The number of participants at the latest congress approached 700. Association members take part in congresses abroad, to which they also actively contribute.

Since 2003, the CWMA has been a cooperating organisation of the EWMA (European Wound Management Association). This pan-European association chose to organise its 16th conference (2006) in the Czech Republic. The conference was organised in collaboration with the CWMA.

In the institute for post-secondary education of healthcare workers in Brno, members of the CWMA take part in the instruction of courses focusing on modern approach to wound management.

Through the Hojení 21 project, organised by Česká společnost podpory zdraví (Czech Health Support Society), the CWMA helps educate both healthcare workers and laypersons (carers and patients).

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