Bc. Pekárková Hana



1970–1974 secondary nursing school in Hradec Králové, branch: general nurse, terminated by maturita in 1974
1990 post-secondary education: specialising studies in the field of nursing care in adult psychiatry
1994 course on home nursing care
1995 finished education in the field of rehabilitation worker according to Act No.96/2004 Coll. 
– certificate allowing the practice of a healthcare profession without supervision, which is issued on the basis of documents confirming continual education
Participation in courses focusing on pain management, hospice care, and geriatric nursing
1994–present continuous education in wound management using modern means, including all available courses in Pardubice, Brno, and Prague

For example in the years 2004–2005:

Wound Management Symposium, Prague
Moderní přístupy k ošetřování a léčbě ran (Modern Approaches to Wound Care and Treatment), ConvaTec Academy, Plzeň
3rd Nationwide Congress with International Participation (CWMA), Pardubice
Novinky v péči o stomie a chronické rány (News in Stoma and Chronic Wound Care), CovaTec 2005, Český Krumlov
Kompresivní terapie a vlhké hojení ran (Compression Therapy and Moist Wound Healing), Hradec Králové, 2005
Diagnostika a monitoring v terapii ran (Diagnostics and Monitoring in Wound Therapy), Olomouc, 2005
4th Nationwide Congress with International Participation (CWMA), Pardubice, 2005
Bazální stimulace v ošetřovatelské péči (Basal Stimulation in Nursing Care) 
– course, institute for post-secondary education of healthcare workers in Brno and Ostrava, 2004


2nd Wound Management Symposium (CWMA), Prague
6. Královéhradecké ošetřovatelské dny (6th Nursing Days in Hradec Králové), 2000
10. ortopedické symposium (10th Orthopaedic Symposium), Hradec Králové
International Fair for Medical Technology in Brno 
– issues pertaining to wound management
Mezioborová spolupráce při léčbě ran a kožních defektů (Interdisciplinary Cooperation in Wound and Skin Defect Treatment), Pardubice
Since 1994 training and lectures for secondary nursing schools in Hradec Králové and Nový Bydžov
Since 1994 lectures and practical instruction for the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, Hradec Králové, branch: nursing care
Active cooperation with University Hospital Hradec Králové 
– attendance at wound management consultants’ meetings

Practical experience:

1974–1980 University Hospital Hradec Králové, Department of Urology – bedside nurse

1980–1984 children’s diagnostic institute in Hradec Králové – nurse

1984–1993 OÚNZ (District Institute for National Health – no longer exists), psychiatry – head nurse

1993–present founder and owner of a non-state-owned healthcare institution which provides home nursing care for its clients; one of the most frequent interventions is the treatment of chronic wounds, such as leg ulcers, diabetic foot, non-healing post-operative and post-traumatic wounds, and pressure ulcers.

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